No More Lost Receipts

Keeping track of receipts and expenses when operating a small business can be a challenge for the average tradesperson or property investor. When you are juggling supplies and ensuring you have everything for the next job, remembering where you put your ... READ MORE

ATO : Targets 90,000 Small Business Owners

It would appear that the Australian Taxation Office has decided to take the gloves off, and crack down on small business owners who fail to be compliant with paying their fair share of tax. This stance is not new. Back in June 2014 I recall reading ... READ MORE

Why am I in Business?

Have you ever had a year that leaves you staring into the wall and asking yourself "What the hell am I doing?" Anyone, who has been through a life changing experience, often finds a period of reflection, insight and clarity. You are forced to look  beyond ... READ MORE

Record Keeping for SMSF

RECORD KEEPING FOR A SELF MANAGED SUPERANNUATION FUND Do you have a self managed superannuation fund? I have had my own SMSF now for many years. In the past I have kept a file of all my correspondance in a file draw. Records like my dividends, bank ... READ MORE

Why Do I LOVE Xero?

If you haven't heard of Xero before, here is a short video to tell you all about it Click on the link MYOB had always been my number one accounting program, but I was hearing a lot of positive feedback about a relatively ... READ MORE

Small Business Heroes - Paddock to Plate

Always Ask! Nothing is achieved in life without asking questions or taking initiative. Bribie Island’s Paddock to Plate owner Dave, takes the time to reminds us of the important of showing customers genuine interest. Dave believes in being human, ... READ MORE

Bookkeeping Tips - Tax Agent

Use a Tax Agent You might think that this is what everyone does. To my absolute surprise these past few months I found out that there are small business owners who do not use, nor have a qualified tax agent complete their company returns. I have been ... READ MORE

Bookkeeping Tips - Filing

FILING Filing is certainly a job that the majority of business owners procrastinate over. As the pile grows, the motivation to put each piece of paper where it belongs decreases. A business owner might ask themselves: "Is it really a problem?   "I ... READ MORE

Bookkeeping Tips - Deductions

Deductions In course of making an income in your business, there will also be a number of deductions that you claim to offset that income. The ATO (Australian Taxation Office) acknowledges and allows these deductions. The question I ask is this: Do ... READ MORE

Bookkeeping Tips - Communication

COMMUNICATION Have you ever experienced a customer when nothing you do meets with their approval? You bend over backwards, do work for free, run after them and in the end they still complain? When is it time to say goodbye?  In the bookkeeping ... READ MORE

Can you spot a Dodgy Business?

When the economy is doing well, both small to medium business owners can afford to be selective with whom they choose to do work with. The opposite is also true. In our current economic climate, we are hearing that people are in fear of loosing their ... READ MORE

Ground Organics - Healthy Food Made Happy

My business took me to the beautiful Mooloolaba Coastline yesterday. Although the weather was cool and wet, the beach always looks amazing. Before hopping into my car to begin my over two hour return home, I took the time to check out the local small ... READ MORE

4 Tips for Reluctant Small Business Owners to do their Bookkeeping

Are you one of many small business owners where the "thought" of having to do your bookkeeping makes mowing the lawn or seeing your dentist more appealing?                          You ... READ MORE

ATO penalties get tough

The Australian Tax Office is not giving the same level of lenancy that they have the past 5 years with SMSF (Self Managed Superanuation Fund) rulings and trustees who fail to comply. The gloves are officially OFF! It was reported in a recent article ... READ MORE

Save time online with ASIC, Xero and the Cloud

The Cloud Accounting revolution is growing in power and focus. While many in the early integration of cloud technology viewed it with suspicion, financial leaders are embracing the move to the cloud and integrating new processes that save money, time ... READ MORE

LinkedIn is not just a RESUME!

LinkedIn may be looked upon as a online resume, but you are missing the point if you think that is all it is. Social media is relatively new, if you are not on a platform or two then you are not going to be found. As a employee, you want to ... READ MORE

Are you ready for SuperStream?

  The government has implemented a new legislative requirement to ensure Superannuation is paid, the Super Reform Package called SuperStream. It doesn't matter if you agree with it or not, but you should either be using it "now" as a employer ... READ MORE

Tax Scams get aggressive!

Both the ATO and the consumer watchdog are warning the public to watch out for scammers pretending to be ATO investigators. Amy Bainbridge reported on ABC investigation in an article dated in July 2014 that people are being phoned up and told that they ... READ MORE

6 Tax Mistakes to Avoid

As a bookkeeper, I come across a number of costly mistakes that small businesses make on a repeated basis. I am only going to share six of them with you in this article. My goal is to make you aware of what these are to save you money, an audit and ... READ MORE

Car Expenses - Logbooks

It doesn't matter if you own your own business or you are employed. You are able to use your car's expenses as a deduction when you use it for work related use. There are a number of methods to claim back the kilometres that you use your car for ... READ MORE

Small Business Tools - Dropbox

Running a small business in this economic climate is touch and time consuming. There are roadblocks that seem to crop up each and every day, putting your schedule and efficiency at risk. Particularly, when you are the sole operator, there are only ... READ MORE

2014 End of the Financial Year Tax Tips

It's the end of the 2014 Financial year and you might be asking yourself a number of timely questions. Where did this financial year go?How am I going to get everything completed in time?What do I need to do between now and the 30th June 2014? The ... READ MORE

The Growth of Xero - Centric Accountants and Bookkeepers

Anyone who knows me, understands that I LOVE to network, listen to people,and learn from them. What about YOU?  A recent personal phone call from another bookkeeper I met on LinkedIn,  triggered this blog. She is a professional, meticulous ... READ MORE

Small Business and Taxing Issues

When you own and run a small business it's challenging enough to complete your work on time, build your client list and keep up with the payment of the bills. Yet BAS and GST should be high on any small business's "to do" list, not to mention avoiding ... READ MORE

LinkedIn's Publishing Platform - Is now available to all!

I am very excited that I have been approved to use LinkedIn's publishing platform. If you have ever wondered how you can be an influence on LinkedIn, you have now been handed a sensational way to become one. This platform will allow you to share you ... READ MORE


If you are anything like me, you are in a daze wondering how on the earth did this year glide by so fast that it's christmas next week!  I'm still in a head spin! However, it is critical that as a small business owner you use the slower weeks between ... READ MORE

Questions that all Small Businesses need to ask!

The Herald Sun published on 7th August 2013 the following title: "Average of 44 small businesses closing their doors each day, according to Australian Bureau of Statistics data." Do you agree with this statistic? I have spoken to many ... READ MORE

Bookkeeping Issues....Do you have the Five?

Are you one of many small businesses that have trouble....... 1. Finding "time" and motivation to sit down and do your bookeeping in the first place? 2. You walk into your office to be welcomed by what once was a desk, but now just looks like something ... READ MORE

Kate Ceberano's mistake with technology!

Robin from 97.3fm interviewed Australian Singer Kate Ceberano on morning radio last Monday 21st August 2013.  Kate Ceberano related to Robin the heart stopping moment when she realised that somewhere in a busy London subway, sat her ipad. Why ... READ MORE

The Cloud - Why you should not allow fear to stop YOU!

What is ‘the cloud’? Why is it so popular? When you hear the term the cloud it is really a fancy way to say ‘online’. Just as you would save your photos, files or software on your desktop or laptop at home, the cloud empowers ... READ MORE

Cash Flow Tips

Collection Tips and Tricks for Small Business   1. Have a set collection process for late invoices Sounds obvious I know, but do you have one? Have you created templates for the following? Friendly reminder  Overdue notice  Letter ... READ MORE

The Advantages of Online Bookkeeping

The Advantages of Online Bookkeeping While I have written an article about "The Cloud" I believe that it's important to understand the advantages of having your bookkeeping completed online. I find that Baby Boomers, Gen X and Y's all see technology ... READ MORE

How to control your paper nightmare!

I have often been guilty of laughing when I hear the phrase that with the digital age we can now all have paperless offices. Paperwork seems to continue to grow and even multiply in most home offices. I read and hear the complaint from people all the ... READ MORE

Filing Tips & Tricks

CREATE A RECURRING ACTION STATION TO SIT ON YOUR DESK! What is a recurring action station? All the paper work that you need to "act" on this week or the next few weeks should be allocated to a Action Station. You DO NOT put into the action station ... READ MORE

Hobby or a Business?

A hobby is an outside interest that you pursue for fun in your spare time. Hobbies are fantastic to have because they give you an outlet to do something of interest, outside of your regular occupation and may even be relaxing.  Successful hobbies however, ... READ MORE


CATHERINE GRISS is passionate about skin care and people's health. Over ten years ago she had a miscarriage, this led to an indepth conversation with her doctor and found to her horror some ingredients in our unregulated cosmetic industry can lead to ... READ MORE

Social Media Marketing World Event was a Resounding Success!

Marketers along wth a small percentage of small busness owners arrived from 31 countries to attend the first #smmw13 event ever. This International Social Media Networking / training workshop event was hosted by the CEO / Founder Mike Stelzner along ... READ MORE

What is a Emergency Plan?

Emergency Management and Recovery Plan                                                      Did ... READ MORE

End of Financial Year Small Business Checklist

Where has this year gone? I know that is what I am saying, and hearing and yet, the end of the financial year is fast approaching. Are your financials all set for your accountant? Are they shoved into a shoebox, glove compartment or filed away? Regardless ... READ MORE

It's all about the people!

Driving down to the Gold Coast from Brisbane, I had downloaded a podcast or two from Social Media Examiner, and listened to Micheal Stelzner's calming voice introduce an episode about instagram. My stomach was empty, as I felt sick with apprehension ... READ MORE

LinkedIn Recommendations in 5 Easy Steps

                                                  Recently I was asked, "How do I post a recommendation ... READ MORE

Xerocon Takeaways

What is Xerocon? It is a annual conference hosted by an online accounting software called Xero. They host this event for Accountants, Financial Advisers and Bookkeepers for an opportunity to network, conduct training and meet with add-on partners ... READ MORE

Property Seminars - Are they worth the money?

I just spent an amazing evening catching up with my cousin from the UK. I have been nudging her for almost ten years to invest her career dollars into property. I nearly jumped out of my chair and sung "Hallalua" when she said that it was time to invest ... READ MORE