How to control your paper nightmare!

Last updated: September 22,2014

I have often been guilty of laughing when I hear the phrase that with the digital age we can now all have paperless offices. Paperwork seems to continue to grow and even multiply in most home offices. I read and hear the complaint from people all the time that it's impossible to keep on top of it. 

Let me share what I do :




1. Keep only what you 100% need  - 
We tend to keep everything that comes in and then pile it up on our desk. The paper pile gets bigger and our inclination to "do" something about it dimishes. Sorting the mail into categories is a great idea.

2. Sort the needed paperwork into two piles, "action" pile and "reference" pile.  

The reference items are not
necessary to be kept out, so you file these away where they belong for later reference. Leaving the "action" pile left. 

3. Put important documents somewhere safe

- If it's an important legal document or something similar place these
into a fire proof box. If you don't have one, then maybe you need to purchase one.

 4. Create a filing system that works for you

- I have two filing systems myself. One is a tickler system file for my "action" items and then a filing cabinet to systematically file the "reference" type files for another time.

5. Shred what is not needed

- Get in the habit of shredding unneeded paperwork, advertising or personal paperwork you no longer need instead of putting it into a pile.

6. Schedule a time to open the mail

- Instead of going through your mail when you don't have the time, set a pre-organised day or days each week to sort the mail into their categories and then actively shred, file or save. 

 7. Prevention is better than the cure

- if you are finding you are getting magazines you don't have the time to read, catalogs that you don't use or other mail. Pick up the phone and cancel the subscriptions. Do the same with your email "in" box as well. 

Use the FAR approach 




Save yourself the stress, time and worry by getting into a routine of dealing with the paperwork on a regular ongoing basis. 

Not only can some of the suggestions above save you money, but you will also know where to find what you are looking for.

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