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Last updated: August 5,2014

Running a small business in this economic climate is touch and time consuming. There are roadblocks that seem to crop up each and every day, putting your schedule and efficiency at risk. Particularly, when you are the sole operator, there are only so many hours in the day to accomplish what needs to be done. Using the right time saving tools reduces stress and increases your productivity. My new series will highlight some online tools that will save both time and your money.


What is it?

It is an online virtual hard drive. You can save all your images, documetns and video clips into your dropbox account and access it anywhere, anytime. You can save items exactly as you would on your computer except this one is online or "in the cloud." 

How can it be useful?

Let me illustrate from real life examples:

Tom the Tradie just bourght fuel, instead of shoving it somewhere in his van, glove compartment or drop it onto the van floor, he will:

  • Grab out his smart phone
  • Take a photo of the receipt
  • Tap on the receipt photo
  • Select share to dropbox
  • Save in the folder called "receipts"
  • See this link to find out how

No more missing receipts or tax deductions! 

 Sarah the Property Manager is completing her final inspection on a rental property, when she notices that the granite bench top in the kitchen has been damaged. A large corner of the granite bench top has been chipped away. The tenant argues that the chunk missing was like that when they moved in. Sarah will calmly access the entry photos on her saved dropbox folder to show the tenant the condition of the bench top when they first moved in.

No more arguments!

These are just two examples, but there are many advantages with saving online with dropbox.

Sharing files both small and large are easy to do via dropbox with other people. (click here to find out more)

File storage - You can create personalized folders and save your documents accordingly. This is particularly useful if you travel for work.

Holidays - Upload your camera's photos to dropbox as you travel. No more running out of memory, no lose of photos if the camera is damaged or stolen. (click here for the link)

You can find out more by going to 

If you are more visual, then take a look at Steve Dotto on youtube!


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